Freshly cooked,
without the work

Freshly cooked,
without the work

When you're
too busy to cook,

Tovala Meals are a fresh, easy answer to, "What's for dinner?"
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When you
cook from scratch,

you can use the Tovala Oven to cook your own groceries.
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Tovala Meals

Tovala Meals mean home cooking with no prep or cleanup

Spend less than a minute preparing dinner, and have it cooked and ready in 20 minutes or less.
Chef Plotkin chops an onion.

We do all the prep work

We chop, season, and assemble the ingredients for each Tovala Meal so they're ready to cook. Then, we ship these meals to you.
A person unpacking Tovala Meals from the delivery box.

You receive meals

Your meals arrive once a week in an insulated, cold-packed box.
Removing meal tray containing cooked broccoli from Tovala Oven.

Your Tovala Oven cooks dinner

Scan the meal's barcode, press start, and enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner, ready in 20 minutes or less.
Meet our head chef

More about our meals

Weekly, chef-
designed menu

Tovala chefs create and prep a menu of 10 different meals every week.

Real ingredients,
nothing artificial

No preservatives. Just fresh, high-quality produce, meat, and pantry staples.

Health forward

Meals always between 400-800 calories. Gluten-free, high-protein, and vegetarian options available weekly.

Flexible meal plans

Order up to 12 meals per week. Skip a week of meals, pause your plan, or cancel anytime.

Hear from our customers

4.7 star rating.

Tovala Meals by the numbers



Flexible meal plans.
Cancel anytime.


Choose from 10 meals that change every week.


Each meal is well balanced and serves 1 person.

Recyclable Packaging

We fill stomachs,
not landfills.
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  • Our menu of 10 meals changes weekly. Order 1 of each, 10 of the same meal—whatever you like.
  • We offer at least 2 vegetarian meals every week.
  • We offer at least 3 gluten-free meals every week.
  • All meals cook in 20 minutes or less, and take 1 minute (or less) to prep.
  • We prepare each meal so its different parts can cook at the same time. That includes partially cooking ingredients in some meals before we send them to you.
  • Store our meals in the fridge. But you can freeze them if you can't eat them before they expire.
  • You can cook at least 2 of the same meal at once in your Tovala Oven, and up to 4 at once for the meals that are cooked in 1 tray, like pastas.
  • Meals are delivered once a week on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on where you live. We're constantly working on delivering meals at times that work best for our customers.

Cook From Scratch

Use your Tovala Oven to cook amazing food from scratch

Tovala App displaying Chef's Recipes screen.

Use in-app Chef's Recipes to cook your own groceries

Our library of recipes guarantees instant peace of mind the moment you press start. Just follow our chef's directions to prep your food, then let your Tovala Oven cook it perfectly. We've got your back.

75+ in-app recipes

Each recipe is developed by our chefs to be simple, exciting, and always delicious.

Set it and forget it

Tovala IQ™ means you press a button and your oven steams, bakes, and broils your food to perfection.

Something for every occasion

Recipes include staple ingredients, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even kids' meals.

An ever-expanding library

We add new recipes to the app every month, so you can keep trying and making new things!

Use your Tovala Oven to improve the rest of your cooking

When you'd normally use your conventional oven or toaster, use the Tovala Oven instead. But cook even better, thanks to the power of steam and Tovala IQ™.

Improve your food with steam

Steam gives you better food with the perfect texture. When was the last time your conventional oven inspired awe?

Toast like never before

Toasting with steam gives your bread the perfect crispiness without drying out the inside.

Bring leftovers back to life

Throw your leftovers in the Tovala Oven to make your food taste freshly cooked again. Pizza lovers rejoice!

Set cooking modes with ease

On the front of your Tovala Oven, set it to steam, bake, broil, toast, and reheat. It's as simple as that.
Tovala Meals
Cook From Scratch
Try it, love it, or return it. 100-day trial.

Give Tovala a try for 100 days

Cook with the Tovala, try our meals, and see if effortless home cooking is right for you. If it's not, return the oven for a full refund with free return shipping.
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