Tovala Meals

Where can I see your menu of meals before I buy?

You can see our menu of meals on our Menu page.

How much do the meals cost?

Each meal is $11.99. The smallest Meal Plan we offer is 3 meals weekly ($35.97 plus tax). Shipping is $4.99 for 3 meals and free for all the other meal plans including 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 meals.

How many people does each meal feed?

Each meal serves 1 person.

How many meals can I order per week?

You can order 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 meals weekly. Each meal serves 1 person, and between 2 to 4 meals of the same kind can cook in the oven at once. You can adjust your meal plan to order more or less meals at any time.

Do you offer family-sized meals?

Right now, we don’t offer family-sized meals, but they’re something we hope to offer in the future. Each meal serves 1 person, and between 2 to 4 meals of the same kind can cook in the oven at once.

Do you have meal plans that cater to my specific diet?

Right now, we don’t offer meal plans that cater to specific diets. However, when you order and on our meals’ packaging, we specify nutrition information, allergens, and whether they’re low calorie and/or high protein. Every week, we also offer at least 3 gluten-free meals and at least 2 vegetarian meals (some of which overlap).

You can find the nutrition information for our meals on our Menu Page. Click "Learn More" to see complete nutrition information.

I have a serious allergy. Are your meals right for me?

We always show you the allergens and ingredients in a meal when you order and on every meal’s packaging, but you should know that our meals are packaged in a facility that handles milk, wheat, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and gluten.

Do you use organic ingredients?

Currently, our menu is not certified organic/non-GMO; however, many of our ingredients are non-GMO and/or organic. We take care to use only real ingredients. No artificial preservatives. No artificial additives. Just fresh, high-quality produce, meats, and pantry staples. We also source locally whenever possible and frequently feature seasonal fruits and veggies.

Where can I find nutrition info for your meals?

You can find the nutrition information for our meals on our Food page. Click on the image of the meal to see complete nutrition information.

When do meals get delivered every week?

Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on where you live relative to our Chicago food production facility. If you live close by, chances are you’ll get your meals earlier in the week.

Is your meal packaging recyclable?

Yes, all the packaging for each meal is 100% recyclable.

How long do meals stay fresh in my fridge?

Meals remain fresh and ready to cook in your fridge for 3-7 days. Always follow the “Enjoy Before” date on your meal’s packaging.

Tovala Steam Oven

How much does the Tovala Steam Oven cost?

The Tovala Steam Oven is $299, or $199 when you sign up to order 100 meals within 12 months of your oven purchase as part of our “Eat well, get $100 off” deal (read more on that in the next question).

Can you explain more about the “Eat well, save $100” promotion you’re offering?

With the "Eat well, save $100" promotion, you receive $100 off your Tovala Steam Oven purchase and sign up to order 100 meals over the first year of owning the oven. Promotion is only valid at time of oven purchase.

Choose from any Meal Plan (3, 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 meals per week) to order these 100 meals at any rate you choose, beginning on the day of oven purchase. Skip weeks of meals or change your Meal Plan anytime.

And you're still protected by our 100-day risk-free trial. If Tovala isn't right for you, you can return your oven within 100 days of purchase and automatically void your 100-meal ordering agreement with no penalty and no questions asked.

For complete details, see our Terms of Service.

How many meals can I cook in your oven at once?

You can cook 2 to 4 Tovala Meals in the oven at once, as long as they’re the same kind of meal. For example, you can cook 2 Miso-Glazed Salmon meals at the same time, but you can’t cook a Miso-Glazed Salmon meal with a Baked Penne Puttanesca meal.

Can I cook other food besides your meals in this oven?

Yes, you can! You can use the oven to do any cooking you’d normally do in your conventional oven (for example, you can set the Tovala to Bake at 400°F), toast, reheat, and use the oven with the library of recipes in our app (to cook easy meals really well from scratch).

Can the Tovala Steam Oven replace my microwave?

Yes, because the Tovala Steam Oven is great at reheating food. However, we want to keep it real with you. Because it’s an oven, it’s not great at reheating coffee (or other liquids), and it’s not the best at popping popcorn.

What’s the oven’s warranty?

The Tovala Steam Oven comes with a 1-year warranty, which covers defective workmanship and materials under normal home use for 1 year from the date of the original purchase.

What’s your return policy?

We offer a 100-day risk-free trial period. We want you to love your Tovala Oven! So we'll give you 100 days to cook with it, try out our effortless meals, and see if Tovala is right for you. If it's not, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked. Just contact Customer Support at support@tovala.com to get the return process started.


Does Tovala work with offices?

Yes, we do! If you're interested in having Tovala in your office, please email us at offices@tovala.com.

Can I give Tovala as a gift?

Yes, you can! Go through our gift purchase page, and you’ll be able to purchase an oven and/or gift card (to be used toward the oven, meals, or Tovala merchandise).