How is Tovala pronounced?

It’s pronounced toe-VAH-lah. It’s a play on the Italian word for table, which is "tavola."

Can I cook food I've prepared myself?

Absolutely. You can steam, convection bake, or broil using the Tovala App. You can even program the Tovala to switch between different cook methods like our chefs do. And the app comes with several chef-created presets so you can cook your food using the same complex cooking methods used to cook Tovala Meals. The Tovala can also toast and heat up anything from frozen food to leftovers.

What if I don't enjoy the experience?

That’s okay! You’ll have 180 days to return your Tovala for a full refund, no questions asked. Check out our policy here.

Where can I store Tovala Meals?

Tovala Meals are made of fresh ingredients and meant to be stored in the fridge to keep them fresh.

How long do Tovala Meals stay fresh?

It depends on the meal's ingredients, but most will last at least 5 days.

Can I freeze Tovala Meals?

You can. However, Tovala Meals’ fresh ingredients are at their best and most delicious when stored in the fridge. If you aren’t able to finish them before their “Enjoy Before” date, you can freeze them before that date hits. You’ll just need to thaw them completely in the fridge before cooking.

Is the Tovala a microwave?

No. The Tovala does not use any microwave technology. It’s a countertop steam oven that can utilize multi-step cooking, which means it can alternate between convection baking, broiling, and steaming. It can also toast and heat up anything from frozen food to leftovers.

Can the Tovala feed a family of four?

For many of our meals, yes, it can. Some of our meals use a single tray, and you can fit four of our trays in each Steam Oven. So you’ll be able to fit four single tray meals into a Smart Oven and cook them all at once!

Will the Tovala deliver to remote areas?

We deliver to the entire continental United States. While we aspire to expand one day, it might take more time to serve the entire country. If you live in an area that does not regularly receive deliveries, please contact us directly.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, it is! We have worked hard to make sure our meals are earth friendly. For example, our trays are 100% aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials on the planet, and can be recycled with your aluminum cans.

How difficult is it to clean the Tovala?

Not difficult at all. We have simple, recommended cleaning instructions, including a Clean Cycle we've built into the Tovala App. This utilizes wet heat and high temperatures to release any leftover food residue from the inside of your oven.

Do you offer vegetarian meals?

We currently offer at least two vegetarian options a week, but we're looking to expand our meals in the near future so we can cater to that and other dietary restrictions!

Do you offer keto or low-carb meals?

At the moment, we do not.

Do you offer gluten-free meals?

Yes, we offer at least three gluten-free meals per week. They’ll be labeled and easy to spot when you select meals.

What if I have food allergies?

We list allergens on all Tovala Meal packaging, but just so you're aware, our meals are produced in a facility that uses milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, soybeans, and wheat.

How long does it take to cook each Tovala Meal?

Cook times are always 20 minutes or less. Our meals cook on average in about 15 minutes.

Can I cook different meals together in the Tovala?

Unfortunately not. The components of a multi-tray Tovala Meal are carefully paired for flavor and cooking profile. For example, you can cook a Baked Sweet Pea & Mushroom Pasta with another Baked Sweet Pea & Mushroom Pasta, but not a Miso-Glazed Salmon with a Baked Sweet Pea & Mushroom Pasta.

What's the calorie range of Tovala Meals?

Tovala Meals range from 400-800 calories.

Can you serve offices?

Yes, we can and do! If you're interested in having Tovala in your office, please email us at

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