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"Delicious, healthy, and it's wonderful to start the oven and hang out with my kids after a long day at work."


"I really love what you guys are doing. The food is delicious and healthy and SO CONVENIENT."

Dave S.

"The product is truly revolutionary and makes cooking at home so easy. The meals taste homemade while only taking seconds to prep. It's the ultimate cooking shortcut without any guilt!"

Lindsay A.

"Tovala has truly changed the dinner game in our house...after the craziness of kids dinner/bath/ is incredible to have a delicious, healthy meal in less than 20 mins with absolutely ZERO effort. We can't remember how we fed ourselves before Tovala was in our lives!"

Allison M.

"I just wanted to give accolades to staff at Tovala. We made broccoli and potatoes in our Tovala oven for our infant and she gave us the "thumbs up" signal, showing her approval."

Stevan R.

Tovie wins the weeknight! After the feeding, bathing, brushing reading and bedtime routine, there is nothing better than knowing Tovie's working on the grown-ups' dinner. 30 seconds of prep, a perfect 13-18 minute cocktail hour, and then ding! a hot, fresh, and delicious meal. Plus, no clean-up!!!