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Why people love us.

Bernard G.

"I keep ordering because I love the flavor combinations and QUALITY, FRESH food!! The portion sizes are perfect!"

Sara C.
Sara C.
Charyl S

"Salmon is always on point. We order the salmon almost every week and it’s always great. Love the fresh gourmet taste. AMAZING!!."

Robert S.

"Great Tasting Food! Every meal so far has been delicious! And we very little prep. Also love the oven! So easy to use."

Janet R.

"Super easy delicious meals! I’ve tried 4 other meal delivery services. All good but took too much prep time for a weeknight meal. Tovala has a solution for that. Just a couple minutes of prep and you have a delicious meal!!"

Adriana B.
Jamie G.

"Great taste, healthy, easy. The meals taste great, they have a wide variety, and they take about 2 minutes to set up. It is the best way for me to cook meals for myself and still get everything done."

Melina A
Aric C.

"Great Meals. The Tovala has been great. A nice variety of tasteful meals to choose from."

Brian K.

"Tovala's biggest fan. Been a meal customer for 3 years. I almost never miss a week!"

Our definition of really good food.

Made with fresh and carefully sourced ingredients.

Created, tasted, and tested by professional chefs.

Cooked perfectly, thanks to our smart oven.

Want to try our meals before you buy?

Have a chance to try our food with a Taste of Tovala Box. Receive 4 Tovala Meals to prep and cook with your home oven and enjoy.

Questions? We've got answers.

How much do Tovala Meals cost?

Meals start as low as $9.99 per serving and are generally $11.99 per meal. Some meals are priced higher or lower based on their ingredients, complexity to make, and packaging. The smallest meal plan we offer is 4 meals weekly ($47.96 plus tax). Shipping is $9.99 for all meal deliveries.

How many people does each Tovala Meal feed?

Most meals serve 1 adult, though we do offer 2-serving meals, as well.

Do Tovala Meals cook from frozen?

Tovala Meals arrive fresh. They do not cook from frozen.


Customize select meals on our menu to better fit the way you eat.

Currently, you can order both versions of a customizable meal, but not combine them (for example, one Turkey Chili with Cornbread and one Turkey Chili with Salad, but not a Turkey Chili with Cornbread AND Salad).

Do you have meal plans that cater to my specific diet?

Every week, we offer at least 3 gluten-free meals and at least 2 vegetarian meals (some of which overlap). You can find the nutrition information for our meals on our Menu page. When you order and on our meals’ packaging, we specify nutrition information, allergens, and dietary meal tags (including calorie smart and carb conscious).

Where can I find nutrition info for your meals?

You can find the nutrition information for our meals on our Menu page. Click on the image of the meal to see complete nutrition information.

What is Tovala “Test Kitchen”?

Our Culinary R&D Team is always seeking to add new and exciting items to the menu. Meals labeled “Test Kitchen” are part of a new program to test our latest and greatest menu explorations - we’d love your feedback so please make sure you submit a meal rating via your Tovala App!