When it comes to food, we never compromise.

From the first idea for a meal to the way it cooks up, we're committed to making really good food.

Yes, you really can eat well and save time.

Our chefs do all the work for you. They sample ingredients, scribble in notebooks, and wave around tasting spoons, so all you have to do is scan, relax, and enjoy.

Made by world-class chefs (who still keep it real).

They're a bunch of Midwesterners who've traveled the world, worked at Michelin-starred restaurants, and even dreamed up food for astronauts.

It's Alexander, plus chefs Jake and Chrissy, who create, test, and taste your food every step of the way. Address your love letters to them.

Fresh, raw, real.

We use real, carefully sourced ingredients—ingredients you (and your grandma) would feel comfortable stocking your kitchen with.

Delivered, then cooked perfectly in the Tovala Steam + Air Fry Smart Oven.

You're off the hook because our meals are prepared fresh, then delivered to your door. Just scan them with our smart oven, and they'll cook exactly as our chefs intended.

Choose from a never-gets-boring menu.

Whether you're a picky eater or pretty adventurous, blame our chefs when you can't decide what to order.

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Carb consciousGluten-freeVegetarianFan FavoritesChef's Picks16 new items every week menu

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