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Tovala Steam Oven

With Tovala’s cooking methods, you can steam, convection bake, broil, set multi-step cooking sequences, choose from 5 toast settings, and reheat.

With the free Tovala iOS and Android apps, cook simple, delicious recipes that pair with the Tovala. You do easy prep, then step back while the Tovala cooks dinner, breakfast, and kids’ meals automatically and with perfect results.
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Tovala Meals

Tovala Meals are made from scratch, ready to cook, and delivered to you. Just pop them in the Tovala Oven and scan the barcode on the meal’s package. In 20 minutes or less, you’ll enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal without, well, cooking!

Flexible: Choose your meals and set your delivery schedule. Skip, pause, or cancel at any time.
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Go from 3 to 6 meals delivered per week.

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What’s the difference between Tovala and other meal delivery services?

Unlike every other gourmet service, Tovala's truly fresh meals come ready to heat and eat. Just pop them into the Tovala Steam Oven. That means zero prep time. And zero cleanup.

Plus, we don't charge shipping. The competitors? They charge.

Tovala also uses clean ingredients: We only use ingredients your grandmother would recognize. In other words, we use more natural ingredients and ingredients with less preservatives. Specifically regarding our meats, our chicken is antibiotic and hormone free, and our pork is hormone free.

We also list potential allergens on our site alongside every meal, and again on the side of each meal package.

Meals are delivered Tuesday or Wednesday of every week, depending on your location. They’re safely stored and cooled to stay on your doorstep until midnight.

How does the Tovala Steam Oven compare to other countertop ovens?

The Tovala Steam Oven automatically switches between steam, bake and broil heating. Making all those complicated homemade recipes quick and easy to cook. 

And it identifies Tovala Meals in particular, so it will cook your weekly meals on autopilot.

Most smart ovens cost $1,000+, so there's no better kitchen deal than Tovala. 

What if my family doesn’t want to lose counter space?

Kitchen counter space is precious. That’s why we built a smart oven the size of a toaster oven. In fact, the Tovala can replace your toaster oven. Heck, even your conventional oven. Meaning, the Tovala can actually save you counter space.

And, don’t forget: We offer a 180-day refund. Try it out for a few months. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll refund you completely.

No wonder why Business Insider says, "This appliance could easily replace all of the other ones in your kitchen."

Dinner is serious business.

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