Tired of cooking every night? Enjoy a home-cooked meal with less than 1 minute of prep.

Meal kits like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Freshly don’t make dinner easier. Tovala does.

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“It’s Blue Apron for people who find Blue Apron too cumbersome.”
"The idea of a smart oven on the market that combines forces with a meal delivery service to make delicious home-cooked meals seemed too good to be true. Once we saw the gadget in action, we were eating our words."
"Every dish tasted like a gourmet, home-cooked meal without any hassle or effort."
Wall Street Journal.Tasting Table.Business Insider.

71% of our customers have tried a meal kit, then switched to Tovala.

Only Tovala makes dinner truly effortless. Our chefs prep real, fresh ingredients and make them into healthy meals that pair with our countertop oven. The Tovala Oven cooks your meals perfectly by switching between cooking modes and temperatures automatically. So, you're off the hook. No shopping. No chopping. No cleanup. No fuss.
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I’ve been on PeachDish, Purple Carrot, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated. These meals are as good of quality without the prep or cleanup. I'm glad we gave it a shot.”

How Tovala gives you an hour back every night

Enjoy home-cooked meals, made with only real ingredients and cooked at home with no effort. (We know it sounds too good to be true, but hear us out!)
Our chefs chop, season, and assemble your meals before we deliver them to your doorstep.
Do one final prep step, and then your meal is ready to cook.
Scan the meal's barcode and press start. Your Tovala Oven cooks your meal on autopilot.
Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner ready in 20 minutes or less.
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Try it, love it, or return it. 100-day trial.

Give Tovala a try for 100 days

Cook with the Tovala, try our meals, and see if effortless home cooking is right for you. If it's not, return the oven for a full refund with free return shipping.
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Why folks choose Tovala over Blue Apron — they get their evenings back.

Blue Apron sends you “perfectly portioned” ingredients. But all that does is save you a few minutes on grocery shopping. It doesn’t make dinner any easier. See for yourself.

Meal Prep With Blue Apron

Cut-up fruits and vegetables next to kitchen appliances.

You could spend an hour chopping and cooking all of this, with Blue Apron.

Meal Prep With Tovala

Tray of broccoli next to salmon in Tovala Steam Oven.

Or you could get your fresh meals delivered like this. Ready to cook in recyclable containers. No prep-work!

Your Kitchen After Blue Apron

Dirty dishes in the sink.

Here’s what your kitchen looks like after spending an hour cooking Blue Apron’s ingredients. 

Your Kitchen After Tovala

Tovala Steam Oven on counter.

And here’s what your kitchen looks like after enjoying a Tovala Meal. No messy dishes. Nothing to clean up. Tovala truly makes home cooking easy. 

Tovala Meals are freshly cooked without the effort (no prep and absolutely no microwave).

  • Prepped by professional chefs.
  • Meals delivered weekly.
  • Only real ingredients. Nothing artificial.
  • All meals between 400-800 calories.
  • Menu of 10 options rotates weekly.
  • Gluten-free, high-protein, and vegetarian options.
  • Flexible plans from 3 to 12 meals a week.
  • Skip, pause, or cancel meals at any time.
  • Each meal serves 1 person.

The Tovala Oven cooks with the precision of a professional chef

When you scan a meal's barcode, your Tovala Oven knows exactly how to cook it to perfection. No other oven can do that—especially not with an automated sequence of steaming, baking, and broiling at different times and temperatures. So, really, your oven is part kitchen appliance, part personal chef.
We tried every meal kit service there is, but they’re so much work. We found Tovala and it’s like the answer to our prayers.”

Hear why customers chose Tovala over other meal kits

4.7 star rating.
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If you don't love your Tovala Oven or meals, you can return the oven within 100 days for a full refund. We'll even pay for return shipping. (Really.)

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