A man holding a cooked and plated Tovala Meal in front of a Tovala Oven.

The smartest multi-purpose steam oven

Introducing the Tovala Steam Oven with Tovala IQ™! Cook better, cook smarter, and cook with steam.

Scan to Cook

Cook effortlessly

Perfectly cook Tovala Meals and select groceries with the scan of a barcode.
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Cook with Confidence

Make it better from scratch

Whether you’re steaming green beans or baking and broiling a whole chicken, your Tovala Oven guarantees deliciousness.
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Tovala Steam Oven and Tovala App displaying Chef's Recipes.

Tovala Steam Oven
with Tovala IQ™

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With Tovala IQ™, chef expertise is built right in

Whether you’re cooking with a barcode scan or cooking from scratch, access the precision of a professional chef. Your Tovala Oven gets the right cooking modes, times, and temperatures from the cloud.

Effortless scanning

Perfectly cook Tovala Meals and select groceries with the scan of a barcode.

Recipes with a guarantee

Access an always-growing library of 75+ recipes that cook automatically.

Set and save

Set to cook with one or multiple cooking modes, then save your settings for later.

Scan Tovala Meals

Cook Tovala Meals™ perfectly

When you scan a Tovala Meal's barcode, your Tovala Oven knows exactly how steam, bake, and broil it to perfection.
  • Prepped by professional chefs
  • Meals delivered weekly
  • Only real ingredients. Nothing artificial

Scan Groceries

Cook your groceries perfectly—with just the scan of a barcode

Introducing Scan the Store, the newest way your Tovala Oven makes home cooking effortless.
Step 1
Get food from
the grocery store.
Step 2
Scan its barcode.
Step 3
Press start to cook.
Currently compatible with all Trader Joe's frozen foods with oven/toaster cooking instructions.
Never worry about preheating or overcooking again. Tovala IQ™ brings our chefs' expertise to cooking everyday groceries.

Cook with no effort in less time, and with exceptional results no other oven can match.
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Cook with Confidence

Get more control
through the
Tovala App

Our app gives you control over your Tovala Oven's automated cooking. And when you use it to cook recipes with chef guidance or to monitor your food, you can thank your Tovala for being brainy AND helpful, too.
Tovala App displaying custom cook cycle.

An ever-expanding library of recipes

Cook from scratch with a library of 75+ recipes for every meal and occasion.

Precise automation at your fingertips

Program your oven to steam, bake, and broil in any sequence you dream up.

Cooking insights and updates

Check on your food's progress from the next room and get notified when it's done.

For the Home Chef

Get consistent results

Simply set time and temp to cook anything from your grandma's chicken pot pie to frozen chicken tenders—way faster than a conventional oven.

Cook with 5
different modes


Combine convection baking and steam to make juicier meat, tender fish, and vibrant veggies.


Convection bake more evenly and efficiently—with half the normal preheat time.


Broil on hi or lo to use radiant heat to give food the perfect browning.


Bring leftovers back to life with a chef-perfected reheat cycle of steaming, baking, and broiling.


Toast with steam to give your bread the perfect crispiness without drying out the inside.

Oven Details & Specs


Accommodates a
4 lb chicken, 10" pizza,
or 4 Tovala Meal trays

Exterior Dimensions

18.5" (L) x 12.32" (D) x 11.75" (H)
Add 2" to the oven's depth to account for the door handle

Interior Dimensions

12.75"(L) x 11" (D) x 8" (H)


20.9 lbs


1525 watts


Keep it clean with the app's built-in cleaning sequence
  • For safety reasons, plan to leave 6 inches of clearance between the top of your oven and any surface in your kitchen, and 3 inches of clearance between your oven's sides/back and any surface.
  • Plug your oven into a dedicated GFCI outlet.

Included with the Tovala Steam Oven

Sheet tray.
Sheet tray
Crumb tray.
Crumb tray
Hot pad.
Hot pad
Measuring cup.
Measuring cup
for refilling the oven's water reservoir
Oven rack.
Oven rack
Drain tray.
Drain tray
Steamer cover.
Steamer cover

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