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Smart Oven

Simpler, smarter cooking every time.

Restaurant-quality meals are just a scan away. $299$69.*

*when you order meals 6 times

Your all day, every day appliance. With unbeatable results.

Clear your countertops with this all-in-one smart oven. With five versatile cooking modes and chef-perfected automation, get perfectly cooked results every time.

“ I can air fry, I can do a regular bake, I can scan something that’s in my freezer. And then, of course, I get Tovala Meals every week. And everything turns out great.

Zeke K.

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Just scan, relax & enjoy.

Cook 1,000s of delicious foods without the prep work, guesswork, and cleanup.

  • scanning Tovala meal insert barcode

    Tovala Meals

    Fresh, chef-crafted meals delivered to your door. Just scan a QR code to cook them perfectly.

  • scan grocery store items

    Scannable groceries

    Grab your favorite pantry staples and frozen foods from the store, then just scan for chef-perfected results.

  • sweet potato fries preset

    Library of preset recipes

    Follow our chefs’ quick guidance and press "cook” to make easy recipes from scratch.

  • Air Fry
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Toast
  • Reheat
  • Air Fry

    Achieve delicious, all-over crispiness with a max-power, dual-speed fan. Use with air fry basket (included) for best air circulation. Exclusive to Tovala Smart Oven.

  • Bake

    Bake in less time than a conventional oven with quick, even circulation of heat.

  • Broil

    Finish off a dish with perfect caramelization and/or melty cheese. Includes hi and lo settings.

  • Toast

    Toast sandwich bread, bagels, and more with five levels, ranging from light/golden to dark/crunchy.

  • Reheat

    Reheat any leftovers (even pizza and fries) until they’re hot and crispy again.

All your favorites—
made with less effort & oil

chicken wings

Impress with crunchy, craveable chicken wings.


Start your morning with something sweet and homemade.

potstickers appetizer

Stay in–in style–with a grocery store appetizer, cooked perfectly.

brussels sprouts

Always want another serving of these crispy, snackable Brussels sprouts.

Flexible Plans

Starting at $9.99/serving

We offer single and two-serving meals, most meals are single serving and cost $12.99. 

Adjust your order size or skip weeks anytime.

$299$69 Smart Oven
+ Free Shipping

when you order meals 6 times over 6 months.

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