Smart Oven Pro

Experience the magic of steam.

Unlock faster precision cooking and more tender results with the addition of steam. $299$119.*

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Steam: A chef’s best kept secret.

Dial up any dish with the Smart Oven Pro’s dedicated steam mode. The cooking efficiency of convection baking combined with injected steam from the oven’s water reservoir, locks in moisture for perfectly juicy, tender results.

“ Any type of meat we cook (chicken, steak, pork or fish) has turned out perfectly. Thoroughly cooked but tender and juicy.

Lori L.

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Just scan, relax & enjoy.

Cook 1,000s of delicious foods without the prep work, guesswork, and cleanup.

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  • smart oven pro scan insert

    Tovala Meals

    Fresh, chef-crafted meals delivered to your door. Just scan a QR code to cook them perfectly.

  • smart oven pro scan grocery items

    Scannable groceries

    Grab your favorite pantry staples and frozen foods from the store, then just scan for chef-perfected results.

  • smart oven pro presets

    Library of preset recipes

    Follow our chefs’ quick guidance and press "cook” to make easy recipes from scratch.

  • Steam
  • Air Fry
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Toast
  • Reheat
  • Steam

    Make juicy meat, vibrant veggies, and better baked goods with a combinations of steam and convection baking.

    Only available in Tovala Smart Oven Pro

  • Air Fry

    Crisp up food with less oil and even heat using your smart oven’s air fry feature + an air fry basket.

  • Bake

    Bake in less time than a conventional oven with quick, even circulation of heat.

  • Broil

    Finish off a dish with perfect caramelization and/or melty cheese. Includes hi and lo settings.

  • Toast

    Toast sandwich bread, bagels, and more with five levels, ranging from light/golden to dark/crunchy.

  • Reheat

    Reheat any leftovers (even pizza and fries) until they’re hot and crispy again.

Elevate the flavors &
textures of every dish with steam.

sliced chicken breast

Make impossibly juicy chicken, even after a long roast time.

steamed broccoli

Round out your plate with tender, vibrant veggies.

sliced bread

Bake bread from scratch with a soft interior and perfectly crunchy crust.


Reheat your favorite pizza until it’s fresh-from-the-oven melty, crispy, and comforting again.

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Smart Oven Pro

when you order meals 6 times

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