Experience genius.

The Tovala 6-in-1 Steam + Air Fry Smart Oven will make you rethink what it means to cook—one unbelievably easy meal at a time.

The brains behind the brawn

The brains behind the brawn

  • 01Built-in Scanner

    When the Tovala Smart Oven scans a QR code or barcode, it uses WiFi to access the associated food’s cook cycle. You just press start.

  • 02Chef-Perfected Cook Cycles

    Our chefs tell the Tovala Smart Oven how to cook your food with a tested-to-perfection combination of steam, bake, air fry, and broil. That’s automation at its best—and most delicious.

  • 03WiFi Connectivity

    WiFi keeps the Tovala Smart Oven and app updated and in sync, so no matter how much time goes by, your tech’s always ahead of the game and your cooking’s always effortless.

Endless options for effortless cooking

Cook 1,000s of foods perfectly with one touch—or one scan.

Explore one-touch cooking
  • Tovala-Meals-Scan

    Tovala Meals

    Just scan a QR code to enjoy fresh meals cooked perfectly.

  • Scannable-Groceries-Scan

    Scannable groceries

    Scan the barcode on your favorite pantry staples and frozen foods for quick, delicious results.

  • Library-Of-Presets

    Library of presets

    Follow a few prep steps in the app, then press "cook” to make a chef-perfected side dish, brunch, or dessert.

Six versatile modes

  • Steam
    Steam + convection baking. Make juicy meat, vibrant veggies, and better baked goods.
  • Bake
    Bake in less time than a conventional oven, thanks to a powerful convection fan.
  • Air Fry
    Set to Bake mode, then use the air fry basket (included) to unlock delicious crispiness.
  • Broil
    Choose hi or lo, then enjoy perfect caramelization and lots of melty cheese.
  • Toast
    Five levels, ranging from light and golden to dark and crispy. Toast just about anything.
  • Reheat
    Reheat leftovers until they’re melty/crispy/juicy again. No more soggy day-old pizza.
Get started

Tovala 6-in-1 Steam + Air Fry Smart Oven

Cooking Modes

Steam, Bake, Air Fry, Broil, Toast, Reheat


10” pizza, 4 lb chicken, 4 Tovala Meal trays

Exterior Dimensions

18.5” (L) x 12.32” (W) x 11.75” (H)

Interior Dimensions

12.75" (L) x 11" (D) x 8" (H)




20.9 lb


Stainless steel


1525 Watts

WiFi Required

2.4 GHz

No stress, no mess, no mess-ups
  • no-stress-comp-1
  • no-stress-comp-2
  • no-stress-comp-3

No stress, no mess, no mess-ups

  • 01Cook like a chef, no expertise required

    With chef-perfected automation, cook better than ever without freaking out, messing up, or filling your sink with dishes.

  • 02Save time in and out of the kitchen

    Use the app to set up the Tovala Smart Oven in minutes, order meals for busy weeks, and confirm a food is scannable mid-shopping-trip.

  • 03Eat well with no compromises

    Forget convenient equals bad and healthy equals hard. Embrace a better way to eat delicious, high-quality food.

Clear the way for countertop genius.

Neglect your stovetop, forget your toaster, and replace the rest. Sorry, not sorry.

Always ahead
 of the game

Smart tech should get better with age, not out of date. Enjoy new smart oven features, scannable foods, and more with frequent software updates.

How to get started

Tovala 6-in-1 Steam + Air Fry Smart Oven

Tovala Smart Oven $299$99

when you order meals 6 times.

Includes the latest oven model + accessories. Try it for 100 days. Love it, or return it for free.

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Flexible meal plans

Tovala Meals Starting at $9.99 per serving

Get 4-16 meals delivered weekly. Adjust your order size or skip weeks anytime.

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