$299 $69 Tovala 6-in-1 Smart Oven and get

Meet the feature: Scan-to-Cook Groceries.

Just scan your favorite grocery to cook it perfectly in the Tovala Smart Oven. Cook from a database of 850+ groceries.

Our Scan-to-Cook brands.

No preheating needed. Just scan a grocery’s barcode to cook it perfectly — including numerous breakfast and pizza brands, and more.

No preheating, perfect results every time.

No waiting around while your oven preheats or worrying about overcooking. Just scan and press start to cook your favorite grocery store finds.

The Tovala Smart Oven pulls chef-programmed cooking from the cloud, then automatically shuts off. Your food always comes out perfectly.


• How do I check if a food is a Scan-to-Cook Grocery?
You can search our database. If you're at the store and want to know on the spot, you can also use the Tovala App to scan a food’s barcode and check.
• When will you be making more grocery store foods available to cook via barcode?
We're actively working on adding more foods to our database. We'll release more in the near future. Sign up to get notified when we do.
• What are the benefits of cooking via barcode in the Tovala Smart Oven?
We make cooking groceries more convenient, eliminate preheating, and improve how your food cooks. The Tovala Smart Oven can automatically switch between multiple cooking modes and temperatures to cook your food perfectly.
• When I cook grocery store foods via barcode, can I ignore all the cooking instructions on the packaging?
You can ignore the instructions that specify preheating, temperature, cook time, and oven rack location (cook on the center rack, etc.). However, for the best results, you should still follow any action instructions, including instructions for removing or puncturing film, flipping, stirring, rotating, etc.
Does the Tovala Smart Oven always use multiple cooking modes and/or steam when it cooks via barcode scan?
Our chefs figure out what works best for each food. Sometimes that means using multiple cooking modes and/or including the oven's Steam mode, and sometimes it doesn't.

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