We're reinventing home cooking to save you time.

In 2015, we got fed up with wasting time in the kitchen.

Our CEO and co-founder, David, was a grad student in Chicago, trying to make eating well work with his busy schedule. But if he wanted hot, fresh food he'd be excited to eat, he had to cook. And that was pretty much impossible.

He was coming home late, looking at his stove, and thinking the last thing he wanted to do was turn it on. So David teamed up with our co-founder, Bryan, and the rest of us Tovalans, and we made Tovala a reality.

It's about time

It’s about time.

Our mission has always been to reinvent home cooking to save you time. And that's what we've done with our meals and smart oven.

No more painful weeknight cooking, soggy takeout, Sundays stolen by meal prepping, or sad microwaving. Just real food, cooked at home, without the work.

Embrace the new home cooking.

No, we don't hate cooking. We hate the time it steals away on busy nights when you'd rather get reacquainted with your sofa, get that pile of laundry taken care of, or just take a really great pic of your cat.

The joy of cooking? Not after a long day. But there is joy in eating well and still doing whatever it is that makes a full day feel a little lighter.

Meet our overachieving chefs.