Home-cooked meals as easy as takeout.

It's really no comparison. Tovala beats takeout every time, so you eat better AND save money.

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“Attention, people too tuckered out to make dinner… There’s now an oven that will cook you a fresh meal—pretty much on its own.”

5 Reasons to Quit Takeout & Try Tovala


Real ingredients. Nothing artificial. Made to make you feel good.
Takeout Artificial
Tovala Real
BBQ Braised Beef
Prep: 1:30 min • Cleanup: 0


Low in calories without ever tasting like diet food.
Takeout 1210 calories
Tovala 460 calories
Beef Burrito Bowl
Prep: 15 sec • Cleanup: 0

Portion Control

Every meal is a perfect portion for one person.
Takeout Too Much
Tovala Exactly Enough
Penne Alla Vodka
Prep: 30 sec • Cleanup: 0

Wait Time

Instead of expecting a late delivery, know dinner will be always be ready fast.
Takeout 60 minutes
Tovala 20 minutes
Thai Meatballs in Green Curry
Prep: 1:30 min • Cleanup: 0


Best of all? You're saving money AND eating better.
Takeout $15.00 plus $3.99 delivery fee plus tip
Tovala $12.00 plus free shipping
Moroccan-Spiced Salmon
Prep: 1 min • Cleanup: 0

Enjoy a home-cooked meal with only 1 minute of prep

Unpacking Tovala Meals from delivery box.
Our chefs chop, season, and assemble your meals before we deliver them to your doorstep.
Pouring lime juice onto pork chop to prep Tovala Meal for cooking.
Do one final prep step, and then your meal is ready to cook.
Scanning a barcode on a meal's packaging using the oven's built-in scanner.
Scan the meal's barcode and press start. Your Tovala Oven cooks your meal on autopilot.
A slice of pork chop is cut from a cooked and plated meal.
Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked dinner ready in 20 minutes or less.