50% off for frontline healthcare workers.

We're offering 50% off the Tovala Smart Oven ($149) with no required meal plan to frontline healthcare workers. We hope this serves as a small thank you for the invaluable work you're doing, and makes eating well off duty a little easier.
*Please fill out the form below to confirm your status as an active healthcare worker, and we'll send you details for discount redemption. See full Terms & Conditions here.
Thank you, we've received your responses. Our team will review them and reach out with instructions on how to redeem your Frontline Healthcare Worker discount.
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Learn more about Tovala.

What's Tovala?

We're a smart oven-paired meal service for people who want to effortlessly eat well while staying home. The Tovala Smart Oven cooks our meals perfectly with the scan of a barcode.

Tell me more about your meals.

Tovala Meals are made from real ingredients, crafted by professional chefs, and arrive via contactless delivery every week. Each meal is a perfect adult portion for one.

How does the Tovala Smart Oven work with Tovala Meals?

Our chefs do all the work of prepping your meals, and then the Tovala Smart Oven picks up where they leave off. The Tovala Smart Oven cooks your meals exactly as our chefs intended by pulling time, temperature, and cooking modes from the cloud. All you have to do is scan a barcode and enjoy the magic of time back.

Can I cook my own food in the Tovala Smart Oven?

You can use the oven to do any cooking you'd normally do in your conventional oven. You can also steam, toast with 5 settings, reheat, cook from the app's library of recipes, and Scan-to-Cook hundreds of brand name grocery products—like Eggo® Waffles and Pop-Tarts®!

*Terms & Conditions: To receive discount, promotional code must be applied at checkout. For this promotional period, $150 off will be applied to the Tovala Smart Oven only when code is applied. No meal plan purchase required. Not valid with the "I'm hungry for a deal" ($100 off the Tovala Smart Oven with minimum purchase of 6 weeks of meals over the first 6 months) option at checkout. Eligible recipients include frontline healthcare workers (defined at Tovala's discretion). Discount valid through May 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. CT, or when limited quantities are gone, whichever happens first. All offers and prices are subject to change and availability. Cannot be combined with referral code or with any other discounts or be used toward gift card or gifted Tovala Smart Oven purchases. Discount is nontransferable. Not valid for past purchases.