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How do you air fry?

To air fry in your oven, you must use the air fry basket and sheet tray.

1. Place the sheet tray on the oven rack. The oven rack must be in the lowest rack position with the curved edges facing down.

Note: It's important to use the sheet tray when air frying in order to catch rendered fat, excess crumbs, or other food debris that will come off food while air frying.

2. Place food in the air fry basket. For best results, place food in a single layer leaving space between pieces. Then insert the air fry basket above the oven rack in the middle rack position. Do not overfill the air fry basket or food may not cook correctly.

3. Press Bake on your oven, set your desired Temperature and Time, then press Start.

While some air fry manufacturers recommend to lower the recipe temperature by 25 degrees, we suggest using the same recipe temp and following the air frying guidelines included with the oven.

4. Remove food promptly when cooking is complete.