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Tired of spending an hour cooking every night? Get delicious healthy meals on autopilot.

Tovala beats Blue Apron and Freshly as the most convenient meal service.

See what makes Tovala better

It's 6 p.m. You're too tired to cook — or just don’t want to. But you need to eat healthy. What to do?

You could order Blue Apron.

But they send you bare ingredients in a box. Ingredients you have to spend 45+ minutes prepping then cooking.

Or, maybe, order Freshly?

They send meals that are ready to heat and eat. But by heat they mean nuke dry in your microwave.

Enter Tovala.

Our meals taste better. And cook faster. Thanks to the power of multi-step cooking and steam. That's why our meals are paired with our special oven.

Meal kits from Blue Apron and Freshly don’t make dinner easier. Tovala's do.

Unlike other meal kit services, Tovala actually delivers on its promise to make eating healthy dinners easy.

Our chef-prepared meal kits, paired with our countertop steam oven, give you fresh dinners in 20 minutes or less. No prep-work. No cleanup. No fuss.

Tovala is perfect for those too busy to cook, too tired (but hungry) from a long day, or looking for a much easier way to eat healthy. 

  • Our meals are ready within 20 minutes.
  • Our meals are made from fresh, clean ingredients.
  • Our meals give you fresh-quality without hours spent in the kitchen.

Why folks choose Tovala over Blue Apron — they get their evenings back.

Blue Apron sends you “perfectly portioned” ingredients. But all that does is save you a few minutes on grocery shopping. It doesn’t make dinner any easier. See for yourself. 

Meal prep with Blue Apron

You could spend an hour chopping and cooking all of this, with Blue Apron.

Meal prep with Tovala

Or you could get your fresh meals delivered like this. Ready to cook in recyclable containers. No prep-work!

Aren't meal-delivery services supposed to be convenient?
There's nothing particularly convenient about cooking your food from scratch.

Your kitchen after Blue Apron

Here’s what your kitchen looks like after spending an hour cooking Blue Apron’s ingredients. 

Your kitchen after Tovala

And here’s what your kitchen looks like after enjoying a Tovala Meal. No messy dishes. Nothing to clean up. Tovala truly makes home cooking easy. 

At Tovala, we deliver fresh meal kits to your doorstep. Meals ready to heat in our countertop steam oven.

The oven does all the work automatically — so you don't have to. And it cooks meals to fresh perfection.

“It's Blue Apron for people who find Blue Apron too cumbersome.”
The Washington Post.

Why folks choose Tovala over Freshly — You really don’t want to microwave your dinners, do you?

Tasting Table.
This smart oven is about to revolutionize the way you cook.

Freshly delivers ready-to-eat meals to your doorstep. All you have to do is heat the meals. In a microwave.

And what are you getting for it? Microwave-nuked dinner? That's not fresh — that's not something your family would want to eat daily.

With Tovala, you don't compromise. Our chefs craft every recipe using only the freshest ingredients. Then every meal is prepared specially for your Tovala Steam Oven. The Tovala Oven is the same size as your microwave. But it doesn’t leave your dinner soggy. It cooks your food the way it’s meant to be prepared.

This is how our countertop steam oven places Tovala above the competition. 

You’re 3 steps away from eating fresh meals.

In less time and effort than it takes to walk the dog.


Pick your fresh meals. We deliver them to your doorstep weekly.


Place meals inside your Tovala Steam Oven then scan the barcode.


Enjoy a delicious dinner. Cooked to perfection in under 20min.

The Tovala Steam Oven out-cooks any conventional (or microwave) oven.

The Tovala Steam Oven, which fits conveniently on your countertop, features a water chamber so your meals are steamed and baked simultaneously. That’s how we give you the best-tasting meals you’ll ever have.

Tovala will replace every cooking appliance you own.
Business Insider.

Here’s why steam-baking your food beats nuking it in a microwave: 

  • Steam cooks food faster without drying food out like microwaves do (because water molecules in steam conduct heat better than air).
  • Steam keeps your meats juicy (meaning you get a crispy outside without drying out the inside).
  • Steam cooks food faster without drying food out like microwaves do. The perfect blend of crispy crust and fluffy interior.
A hand uses a measuring cup to pour water into the water reservoir on a Tovala Oven.

A normal oven can't do this.

Food tastes best when you start cooking it with wet (steam) heat then finish it with dry heat. It’s how you get that juicy and crispy combo.

This is called multi-step cooking — something traditional ovens can’t do.

But Tovala can. And with the Tovala Steam Oven, switching between these cooking methods happens automatically. Meaning you scan your meal’s barcode once. Then sit back while the oven takes over.

A cooked salmon filet in a meal tray being removed from a Tovala Oven.

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"Having used two other meal services where they prepare a week of food in advance — this just blows it away."

Rich F.

"Delicious, filling, and it's wonderful to start the oven and do other things while it cooks."

Lisa B.

"Had dijon mustard-crusted salmon and it was delicious. Super easy to prepare and cooked perfectly."

Mike L.
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